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You or your organisation want to do the right thing for London and improve the air we all breathe. Many companies are seeking sustainability and lower CO2 emissions throughout their supply chain. But how do you arrange reliable emission free transport?

Your existing contractors are likely to have a small number of emission free vehicles in their fleets. There is no guarantee of availability nor that a diesel can won’t turn up!

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With XeroE there is an emission free transport alternative.

The difficulties in finding emissions-free transportation are a thing of the past. The Xeroe platform pools London’s emission free vehicles into one place for all your delivery and transportation needs. We have bikes, cargo bikes, electric scooters, cars and vans. Our iVans® are equipped with a our unique Health Tracker which records savings for all journeys of GHGs and NHS costs.

Just tell the platform what you need delivered and where the van needs to go. It handles the rest. (iVan® is a registered trade mark of Xeroe Ltd)

To make an instant booking through our bike and cargo bike division click here.

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Additional Features

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    Added security

    Xeroe includes unique security features: live tracking, photo evidence on pick up and delivery and confirmation of delivery by recipient’s mobile phone ID.

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    Health Tracker

    All journeys' statistics are from the collection from sender through to the delivery to the recipient and linked to a proprietary health tracker developed in conjunction with Imperial College. The Health Tracker shows how much CO2, NOx and other pollutants are saved. This is important contribution for companies’ annual greenhouse gas reports and other eco-compliance reporting.

    The Health Tracker also shows the costs to the NHS that have been saved with XeroE shipments and the number of Londoners’ lives saved in the process. COVID 19 increased pressure on NHS resources and XeroE is proudly offering a shipping method that contributes directly to NHS cost savings.